Le Beau Irish Wolfhounds started in 2012 with what we believe was a beautiful example of beginners luck. Our two pet boxers had recently passed and we wanted a companion to fill the void. After a lot of research we came across a giant dog breed we had never seen before, an Irish wolfhound. We searched “Irish wolfhounds, Florida” to see if there were any people close by who owned such giant dogs and came across a home south from us. That is how we came across our first wolfhound and first champion. We were people who had known nothing about dog shows and had no intention aside from buying a pet but a few years later ended up with both extraordinary animals and beautiful companions. Simply meant to be!

Now a days, our home is located in warm Winter Garden (near Orlando), Florida alongside a nature preserve. Our home is designed for the dogs, with multiple fenced-in dog paddocks, a puppy run, four 36 inch dog doors the hounds can go in and out of as they please, multiple ramps built in so young puppies don’t have to absorb the impact of stairs, etc. Our dogs are fed a mixture of kibble and raw diet consisting of chicken, turkey, beef, pork, organ meats, tripe, meaty bones, bison, rabbit, fruits and vegetables. The health and happiness of our dogs is of the utmost importance to us, and should be for anyone who wishes to own a dog, especially a giant breed.

Prior to owning show dogs, we had shown horses for 10 years. A lot of the knowledge acquired through the hunter/jumper ring was beneficial and applicable to the showing and understanding of dogs functionally. And although our dogs are first and foremost loved members of our family, we find conformation and the drive towards excellence of great importance.

Our adventure with wolfhounds would not be possible if not for the expertise and knowledge acquired from a lot of great people we have met along the way. Owning and showing dogs has led to amazing new relationships and the collaboration between peers, handlers, and exhibitors has made us all the more insightful. To us, working with wolfhounds is a never-ending journey, and there is always more that can be learned, worked on, and accomplished both in and outside of the show ring.

Amanda & Rebecca Torres