Finnegan for Cover

  • Male
  • Avoglia’s Finnegan Doyle from LiamAilean
  • GCH Avoglia’s Liam Enoch Jadis x CH Avoglia’s Ailean Blessing from Quinn
  • Born 9/4/2012 Passed on 12/15/2016
  • Passed OFA eyes and hips. Did not pass OFA echo or OFA elbow testing
  • Finny was a full brother to our GCH Molly. Being shy Finnegan never took to the flashiness of the show ring. He was pointed, but due to his lack of enthusiasm, we thought it best we let him be! Although he never finished, Finnegan taught us patience, perseverance, and that some hounds are meant to be loved and treasured more than shown. We treasure the time we had with such a sweet boy. .