AKC Breed Standard
Understanding and knowing the breed standard by heart is a must for all people considering breeding/showing dogs.  All breeders and exhibitors should not only familiarize themselves with the Irish wolfhound Breed Standard, but work towards maintaining it. Faults should not be confused with fads and even though a particular dog wins does not always mean it is a perfect or better representative of the breed.

The Irish Wolfhound Club of America
The Irish wolfhound club of America is the breed’s official club in the U.S., providing information in regards to health, care, showmanship, and maintaining the standard.

roper grooming emphasizes outline, and minimizes faults. Although a lot of winning dogs seem to have different, unique “hair doos”, try to groom your dog in the most traditional way possible. Even if you don’t show, knowing your dog should be hand stripped as opposed to clipped will lead to a healthier coat.

Information on Canine Nutrition