*Companion Inquiries Welcome!*

We have two litters planned for 2019/2020 with dams, GCH Macarena Roan Inish and Renwyck Carnasserie Diamond (Pending OFA Health testing). Please contact us if you have any questions, or wish to be on the waiting list. We are very serious about finding only the best homes for our pups, and if you want one, be prepared to answer a lot of questions ! Anyone who purchases a puppy from us, not only gets a puppy, but becomes part of our extended family.

Irish wolfhounds are not a breed for everyone, and when considering adding one to your family, there is a lot to learn prior. Irish wolfhound puppies require very appropriate environments while growing. Remember, a puppy growing from 30 lbs (at 10 weeks) to 100 lbs (at 6 months) is very susceptible to bone damage and injury due to inappropriate housing arrangements, overeating, and over exercising. We find it important that all of our future pups live in homes with fenced in yards and in areas with NO accessible stairs. Owners must obtain a general knowledge of rearing a wolfhound before deciding to add one to the family. A wolfhound is not a dog for everyone, and definitely not an apartment dog. We have a strong contract in regards to pets and a strong contract in regards to show dogs. Neither is more important than the other, and no dog sold as a pet is sold with breeding rights.

That being said if you are curious to learn more about owning and raising wolfhounds we recommend these great (although dated) books

  • The Magnificent Irish Wolfhound by Mary McBryde
  • The Irish Wolfhound by Elizabeth C. Murphy

** We only sell puppies to screened homes of our approval*